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July 25, 2013

Get Inspired - Make Money - Do It From Home!

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I am often told by other parents how they wish they had the opportunity to stay at home with their families and work from home but aren't sure where to go or how to get started. I was also one of those parents before I started publishing Macaroni Kid Evansville. Finding reputable companies that you can actually MAKE money with and still enjoy spending time with their families and having fun doing it can be tough. I set out to put together a Work from home guide to our Macaroni community a few options in an article. Turns out there are several Moms in our community who are successfully running their independent consultant business out of their home and MAKING MONEY! I have created a comprehensive list of great moms all over Evansville, Henderson and beyond that are running their business, making money and having a great time doing it!


Each of these Consultants want YOU to be a part of their business and are willing to show you the ropes and encourage you to join in on the fun, money making, and awesome experience they are all enjoying. I really don't think we could pull together a better group of moms and local residents to share with you. Each of these ladies are making big things happen and encourage other moms to do the same. 


Now, I know this is a LOT of information to throw at you, but this article will be up for an entire month! And you can always bookmark it and go back to it at any time after so no need to be overwhelmed. No time to go through it all right now? Come back to it later!  Also, each one of these businesses has a phone # and email address listed so you are free to contact these lovely ladies to ask questions. Now, onto the good stuff! Below in alphabetical order you will find a brief description of each business along with a link to their full listing. If something strikes your fancy, click through by all means! Each of these opportunities have something a little bit different than the next. Some cost nothing to start up, and ALL are reasonable. I encourage you to read through all of them, you never know which one might be the ONE for you!

*Please Note* Many of these companies require an upfront investment cost and take time and energy to be successful. None of these are "get rich quick" schemes they take true dedication but if you work at it you can be successful. As with any start up small business you must be willing to put the love, energy and sweat into your business in order to make it a success. 

Ace: Appetite Control and Energy
Healthy Weight-Loss through Appetite Control and Energy Lift

This is the company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables

Creative Memories
Telling your story, one page at a time

Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Give into your cravings and become a Chocolatier

Initials, Inc.
Have Bags, Will Travel

Jamberry Nails
Join the Nail Revolution

Juice Plus+
Nutritional Benefits Needed for a Healthy Lifestyle

Mary Kay
Making Women Feel Beautiful...Inside & Out

Satisfaction Real Results with the Confidence of Real Science

Origami Owl
The Jewelry Bar - Bringing the Bling & Good Times

Paparazzi Jewerly & Accessories
Look like a Diva or Princess for $5 or less

Fragrance to Live By

Reliv International
Taking Nutrition Science Seriously

Simply Said Designs
Express Yourself with Vinyl

Learning and Connecting Through Play

Tastefully Simple
Living a Delicious Life

Thirty-One Gifts
Give In to your Inner "Bag Lady"

Never Throw Out Your Fruits or Veggies Again

Confidence in Green, Safe Products!

*Is your business missing? Contact me today to see how you can be added to the list*