Check Out The Zone!

By Diane Braun April 3, 2021

I recently worked with Dan and Jill Howell, owners of The Zone Athletic Center in Evansville, to develop our Macaroni Kid Evansville Summer Camp Guide. I was curious to know what activities they offered after talking to them and went straight to their website.

What immediately caught my eye, on their home page, was this phrase: “Want To Defy Gravity?”  Well, who doesn't?! The site went on to describe what they do:

Located in Evansville, Indiana, The Zone offers recreational and competitive gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, cheerleading and dryland diving  programs—something for kids of all ages and abilities. But we’re not just a top-notch gymnastics center, we offer fun, fitness and the foundation kids needs to succeed in all sports. Kids who learn at The Zone, learn skills they can use for life.

In addition to team gymnastics, they host a variety of classes for pre-school through high school age kids. Their website has great visuals and descriptions as well as easy ways to contact them to find out more.

As we come out of a year of being stuck indoors, with very little human contact and physical activities, I can’t imagine how tough it has been on the kids in our families to not have that daily recess and interaction with others.  I encourage you to check out The Zone as well as all the other opportunities listed in our 2021 Summer Camp Guide!