May Is Here!

From The Publisher

By Diane Braun April 29, 2023

May doesn't arrive without me automatically thinking Mother's Day.  Memories of my mom make me smile, remembering her total honesty, friendliness and love of lottery scratch-offs. One of her proudest moments was getting a driver's license at the age of 42 and then buying herself a car with money she earned working part-time. She was a first generation American whose parents immigrated here from eastern Europe before she was born. She didn't understand modern parenting.  She would always say that her parents came here to flee communism and were grateful to have a home and eight healthy children.  If your children survived to adulthood, you were a good parent.  But she had the purest heart of anyone I've ever known. She tried to find something good in everyone.  Sometimes she struggled with that but the bottom line was always "everyone has SOMETHING good in them". 

If we take away the technology, the internet, the cable/satellite/streaming television, take away the social media, Facetime and Skype, Zoom and all the others, would we too have a pure heart? Would we find ourselves back to the basics of getting to know someone on their own merits? Would it be easier or harder to parent our children? 

I find those questions a little scary.  But, interesting.  What if we took one day a week and lived without all the technology?  Would we be bored or find fun in the simple things?  Discover the joy of reading a book, taking a long walk, appreciating nature. Really listen to each other without distraction. Go to bed without all the buzzing in our heads from screen time.  Get a good night's sleep.

As May arrives, note that the 1st through the 7th is Screen Free Week. I hope you take the time to check our events for those fun activities that are not only free but promote simple togetherness like story times, playtimes, nature walks and more. Let us know where your family finds its happy place--we'd love to hear from you!

And to all the women who have given life, love and hope to others--enjoy your special day!

Diane B.