Here Comes Summer!

April 14, 2024

We are so excited to premiere our second Day Trippin' Guide!  Last year's guide was a "clickable" success so we wanted to do it again!

Take a few minutes to see the great venues located within one to three hours of Evansville.  So much to do, so family-friendly!

All of the venues have absolutely gone above and beyond by providing passes that will be given away this summer!  Fantastic!  Not only can you get a glimpse of what's in store, you might win the chance to see it in person--for free!

All tickets and passes related to the Day Trippin' Guide will be given away on our Facebook page.  Be sure to follow us so you have a chance to win! A big THANK YOU to Prime Time Pub & Grill for sponsoring the guide again!  Be sure to stop by one of Prime Time's locations to enjoy great food before or after heading out of town for the day!