Hello, Summer!

We Missed You

By Diane Braun May 26, 2024

June.  Is my summer-loving heart happy? You bet! This month is special for so many reasons.  Official start of summer. Several family birthdays, including my own. An anniversary. Lots of emotions.

I guess everyone gets introspective as they age.  Each year comes and goes so quickly. I don't feel my age but, MAN, that 65 is getting closer and closer. I find myself making lists. I remember going through a training once that said a wish written down is a goal. So I guess I'm becoming a goal-setter. Filling my bucket. Feeling my mortality and wanting to accomplish as much as possible.  How about you?  No matter what age you'll be on your next birthday, do you find yourself looking at your "to-do list"?

When I took over as publisher of Macaroni KID Evansville three years ago, it was a big "to-do". Kind of scary but I felt like this was a good fit. I absolutely love to write.  I've spent my entire career around kids and families--why not? That first year, coming out of the pandemic, was a little rough.  Not much going on but eventually things began to happen.  More events on the calendar. More news to share in articles. I find myself meeting more and more people who are doing amazing things in our community.  Businesses who are generous and focused on providing their best products and services.

None of this would matter if it wasn't for our subscribers. We have thousands of subscribers and for an area that's not some big city, we rock our numbers! I hope you enjoy our weekly email newsletter. I hope you tell people about it and encourage them to subscribe.  Mostly, I hope you'll tell us when there's a topic of interest out there you think people should know about. Is it an event or activity?  Maybe a new locally-owned business with something great to sell? Did someone write a book?  Tell us! You can reach me at

My summer to-do list includes getting out to more events in the community. Saying hello face to face.  We hope you take advantage of many events on our calendar and follow us on Facebook to win great prizes like event tickets and gift cards. If you see me somewhere, stop and say HI! Let me know you subscribe and share ideas.  I can't wait to meet you!

Diane B.                                                                 "If you're not barefoot, you're overdressed."            ---Unknown