Let's Go To The County Fair

By Diane Braun July 4, 2024

It's county fair time!  With our local counties so close to Evansville, we can enjoy more than one county fair in the summer. The Vanderburgh County 4H Fair takes place on the 4H fairgrounds on the north side of Evansville.

The Vanderburgh County Fair Association is a non-profit organization that has provided an annual family oriented event as a service to Vanderburgh County since 1920. The fair is presented by the community for the community. The Vanderburgh County Fair is a place to present the progressive strides of excellence in agriculture, the creativity of people and ingenuity of industry. Our objectives and purpose is to educate, exhibit, and entertain.

This year's focus is on "keep it green".  Their board president issued the following statement:

The county fair is a week many of us look forward to each year as it is a time to showcase our event. From the many Grandstand shows, 4-H/Open Class shows and activities, carnival rides, and various foods. With our Fair bringing in tens of thousands of guests throughout the week, one area that many may not think of is the amount of waste generated, which winds up in the landfill. Our theme, “Keep It Green,” will focus on recycling as all of us can do our part to help the environment. Below are key

recycling facts.

  • Without exception, recycling is the top action society can take to improve the environment, economy, sustainable manufacturing, and prevent waste from going into landfills.
  • U.S. recycling levels are currently 21.4% (recent EPA-funded Yale University Study)
  • When U.S. recycling levels reach 75%, it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent of removing 55 million cars from U.S. roads yearly.
  • The nonprofit standardized label mission is the #1 solution to helping society begin to recycle right and, therefore, help recycling thrive. 

This year’s theme will help us achieve our mission to Educate, Exhibit, and Entertain. We hope everyone enjoys the Vanderburgh County Fair and learns something new that will help each of us in living better, more productive lives.

Special thanks to all our volunteers who help make our Fair one of the best in the State!

This year's Vanderburgh County 4H Fair begins on Monday, July 22, and ends on Saturday, July 27. Here's the schedule.

Other local fair dates:

Warrick County: July 15-20

Posey County: July 15-20

Gibson County: July 15-20

Daviess KY County: July 17-20